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Why EasyBlend Juicer?

Why EasyBlend Juicer?

Smoothies are a great way for anyone to get nutritious blends of fruit, yogurt, protein, and other food items in one easy container. Unfortunately, blending food into a delicious smoothie is not always the most convenient day in and day out if you have to use a full sized blender each time. Making your shake before going anywhere can be an option, but it is not as refreshing as a freshly blended smoothie made right then and there.

What is EasyBlend Juicer?

Now there is a portable blender called the EasyBlend Juicer that is claiming to be the worlds best personal blender available in the market online. It is a single serve, portable blender that allows you to take raw smoothie ingredients anywhere and blend them when you are ready to drink! It is portable, durable, and powerful enough to blend a shaker bottle’s worth of smoothie in mere moments. After blending, you can either pour it into another cup or drink straight from the pour spout of the bottle for convenience and ease.

How does it work?

The EasyBlend Juicer is a portable blender and juicer that you can take anywhere to mix juices and smoothies on the go. It is perfect for the office, gym, home, travelling, and more. It is rechargeable, easy to clean, and easy to use!


Other benefits of the EasyBlend Juicer include:

• It is charged through a USB and can hold a charge for up to 2 days depending on use.
• Comes with a flip top sports bottle cap for easy drinking and precise pouring right out of the bottle.
• It can blend up both juices and smoothies quick and easy.
• Has a leak proof lid and bottom.
• Stainless steel blades blend everything to perfection.
• Is made of BPA free plastic for safety and cleanliness. This plastic will not absorb odors and stink of the last shake you made.
• It is made of impact resistant materials so it will not shatter if it is dropped, and is slip resistant also to prevent spills.
• Will come in three colors: blue, green, purple and pink.
• Comes with a cleaning brush to keep the blades clean and free of debris.
• Automatically turns off at 90 seconds so it does not blow out the motor, but if you need to keep going it allows manual blending.


How will the EasyBlend Juicer benefit me?

The EasyBlend Juicer can provide a convenient, easy way to take smoothies and juices with you on the go. With its rechargeable battery, easy clean system, and BPA free plastic, it is a perfect mini appliance for the office, car, gym, and more. 


Should you buy the EasyBlend Juicer?

If you love the nutrition of smoothies and fresh juices but don’t have the time or space for a full blender, want to start to drink nutritious shakes throughout the day, or just want to try something new, the EasyBlend Juicer may be the right portable blender for you to try. 

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