Real Motion Flight Simulator

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Real Motion Flight Simulator

Motion-SIM is a sophisticated device that truly simulates the real forces that affect the pilot of an airplane. With its 4 degrees of freedom (4DOF) capability, a real feeling of acceleration, braking, transfer of weight, tilts and G-force during different flight maneuvers is achieved with sophisticated movements. Within the scope of its movements, the device can simulate up to 2G loading. Simulator is supplied with the rFactor program that focuses on a realistic version of the physical model of individual flight vehicle. This machine is modified in such a way that it precisely copies and transfers data into the device's movements.

The simulator also supports standard PC games specially the Microsoft ® Flight Simulator X. The overall effect is ensured by four movable shock-absorbers (legs). The simulator can be programmed according to operator's requirements – from children's mode right up to a professional pilot ( the device is so fast and sharp that a seat belt must be worn). The realistic experience is intensified by peripheral monitors in panoramic version that draw the pilot fully into the flying experience completely excluding external distractions.

Motion-SIM devices are the most authentic way available to experience the sensation of flying an airplane – for professional pilot, general aviation pilots, as well as fun flying. 


Motion Platform Internal system allows to:

  • set up all needed valuables of Motion-SIM and different flight modes
  • control exact time of motion and client use rFactor professional with a real physical model of movement is a standard part of Motion-SIM
  • realistic and sophisticated flight maneuvers with precisely programmed aicraft behaviour mimicking reality
  • real flying properties with an emphasis on the flight vehicle (weight distribution, power reaction, engine reaction, power spectrum, etc.)
  • flight vehicle's settings according to pilot's requirements
  • option to add any type of aircraft with precise specifications
  • option to set visuals of airplane and the track (advertising spaces) according to pilot's requirements

Technical Specifications
Operating conditions – standard dry environment
Optimum external temperature – 10-30 °C Voltage – 230V +-10% / 50 Hz
Electric current – 16 A
Maximum peak consumption – 3.350 W
Average consumption (in motion) – 800-1.400 W
Average consumption (no motion) – 400 W
Total weight – 320 kg
Maximum load in the cockpit (driver weight) – 120 kg
Length – 1.620 mm Width – 1.790 mm
Height (cockpit in standby position) – 1.845 mm
Maximum height (in motion) – 2.650 mm Roll ±30° Pitch ±30° Yaw ±28°
Safety area – 2.500 x 2.500 mm


The Manufacturer

MOTION simulators are developed by ELSACO Kolín. It is a private Czech company, focused on the development and manufacture of electronic components for industrial automation. The motion-sim is a brand of Elsaco Kolín which sells motion platform devices. The range of products include microprocessor based controling devices, compact industrial computers, converters for serial communication, converters for electronics signals, accessories, as well as controlling and regulating systems, including SW.

The reliability of our products is proven by hundreds of applications. We provide technical support to all companies, which utilize our components.